Thursday, December 8, 2011

China Glaze - Holly-Day

Smooth ** Suave
See photos ** Mira las photos
Local nail supply store. **Una tienda local de artículos de uñas

Ah, how I love the color green! This manicure was a simple one. 2 coats of the base color, then sponged with a mixture of the same color and white - gorgeous!
This reminds me of a TV show I used to watch when I was little called "The Big Blue Marble" and the earth was depicted as a marble with this pattern, but in blue. Anyone else know of that show?
**  Ah, cómo me gusta el color verde! Esta manicura era simple. 2 capas de color base, y luego esponjado con una mezcla del mismo color y blanco - una preciosidad!
Esto me recuerda a un programa de televisión que solía ver cuando me llamaron poco "La Gran Canica Azul" y la tierra era representado como un mármol con este patrón, pero en azul. ¿Alguien más sabe de ese programa?

2 coats, no topcoat
** 2 capas, sin capa final

With topcoat:
** Con capa final:


  1. This is beyond gorgeous! As are your nails. That green is drool worthy!

  2. it looks like a green marble table or something. i like.

  3. So beautiful! Looks like marble! I love how the white soaked up the green in this case (usually it drives me nuts)!

  4. So beautiful! It reminds me of a sprinkling of snow on pine tree branches!

  5. Wooow. You never disappoint. Beautiful!

  6. I love it! Super gorgeous!!!!!

  7. This is gorgeous, and very creative to mix the colors when sponging like that!

  8. Wow, is this gorgeous! I love what you did with it. I just used this as a base and did a gold glitter gradient with it, I love Holly-Day.

  9. Great look! Got the same shade of green on right now.. x

  10. Me encanto!!! si o si lo pruebo!!!

  11. Your nails are so beautiful and immaculate all of the time! I hope I can work up to that level of polishing skill some day!

  12. This is gorgeous, what kind of sponge do you use for this, it looks pretty open. When you say you used a mixture of the green and white do you mean that you mixed the green and white together first or just sponged on each together individually? I really love this and am totally going to copy this look.

  13. That green on it's own is really pretty. Then add the sponging? WIN!! This is so simple but so pretty.

  14. Thanks for your wonderful comments!
    @Anita: I used a regular kitchen sponge (or maybe it was a sponge mop refill?) - either way, a rather large sponge that I just cut a piece off of for use. The white and green were mixed together on a piece of foil and then sponged from there. I did put some bits of the green over a few sections where I felt it had gone too light though - you can see that close to the tips in some places. Yes, try it! I want to do this in every color! With my short attention span though, I don't know if I will, lol!

  15. I have this green and it is so beautiful!! I really need to try sponging-have yet to try that!

  16. This looks so cool! what an awesome pattern you created! i've also passed the VERSATiLE BLOG AWARD on to you!

  17. Wow! This idea is simple but stunning, thank you for this inspiration! <3


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