Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Stained again!

After wearing the last two frankens (Speckled Pea Soup and Speckled Egg Yolk) my nails got stained from the yellow polish, Sinful Colors - Pull Over. Blah!

**  Después de llevar los dos últimos Frankens (Speckled Pea Soup y Speckled Egg Yolk) he manchado mis uñas del esmalte de color amarillo, Sinful Colors - Pull Over. Blah!


  1. Stains are inevitable. The main thing is that your nails and skin are healthy and in great shape!

  2. Ouch. :( Too bad because that yellow franken is SO beautiful.

    I got rid of a bad red stain by applying a blend of castor oil and lemon essential oil several times a day. I did this during about 4/5 days (and left my nail naked), it went away...

    1. I know!!! I'll have to be really careful about which yellow I use next time. Thanks so much for the tip. I'll need to find some castor oil...

  3. Yellow sure is a killer! It happens to all of us, so don't feel bad :)

  4. Yuck I hate stains! Thank God for whitening toothpaste! You will fix those nailies in no time :-D


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