Friday, October 12, 2012

Sponge, stamped, and played

Here is a picture of the sponge I used for my last manicure. It is a small piece of a sponge mop replacement that I bought at Dollar Tree. I bought it specifically for nail art because I prefer to use sponges with larger holes than makeup sponges.
**  Aquí está una foto de la esponja que utilicé para mi manicura pasado. Se trata de una pequeña pieza de un reemplazo de la fregona de esponja que compré en Dollar Tree. Lo compré específicamente para el arte de uñas porque yo prefiero usar esponjas con agujeros más grandes que las esponjas de maquillaje.

I stamped over my manicure two days later, but didn't like it much. The white is too stark against the blue combination.
**  Yo estampada sobre mi manicure dos días después, pero no me gustó mucho. El blanco es demasiado rígido contra la combinación azul.

Finally, here is a bit more of my "play" with sponging.
**  Por último, aquí es un poco más de mi "juego" con una esponja.


  1. Pretty! I love the idea of using a sponge with bigger holes!

    Jazz x

  2. Love it.....looks like i'll be making a trip to the dollar tree

  3. I love your blue manicure! I think the sponing gave an amazing effect!

  4. I love the sponging method. I use the same technique with saran wrap as well :)

  5. Ahhhh, bigger picture (for me) of that sponge! What a great idea using a replacement mop sponge! I need to hit the Dollar store, lol! I have wondered if different sponges would work or fall apart-you have answered that one for me. Thank-you so much for sharing-you have THE BEST ideas!And for the record...I actually really like the white stamping! Your other colors of sponging are really pretty and fun!

  6. I love this manicure. Reminds me of denim xx

  7. That's a great idea to use a mop sponge.

  8. This is really awesome! I have yet to try the sponging technique-been very lazy with my manis lately!

  9. Awesome idea! I always end up ripping up makeup sponges to create a more jagged edge for sponging, but this seems like it would work a lot better.


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